Top 10 cryptocurrency 2014

2014 has been very important year as many interesting projects came out. Ethereum pre-sale has been initiated on 22th July and ended on 2nd September. Few years later it was clear this could have been investment of your life. Price in presale was ranging $0.25 – $0.35 per ETH. Only 3 years later during 2017 winter bubble ETH topped at $1.600 per ETH. For an investment of $10,000 you would have $8,000,000 if you sold the top.

Bear market

During whole 2014 crypto markets have been painting red candles. Bitcoin experienced its first significant bubble in December 2013 topping at over $1,000. Correction was inevitable and very strong. Till the end of year price went down as low as $250 – $300 for Bitcoin depending on exchange. Not good for late 2013 investors, many have been disappointed and disappeared.

Top 10 coins

Many projects are priceless today and few years ago they have been the most demaning?

Peercoin, mastercoin, blackcoin – do you know those names? Only old-schoolers remember. Understandable, many projects were unable to deliver what they promised and their shares are worthless today.

Which coins are still Top 10 in 2020?

All those cryptocurrencies have been in top 10 market cap, really. 6 years later they are in top 1000 as they have lost their strong positions and didnĀ“t take advantage of their first coming advantage. Only two projects succeed and stayed in top 10 – Litecoin LTC and Ripple XRP. Those assets are still the first league projects.